My LFW AW14 Diary – Part 1

Lets not beat around the bush, I’m  a lot more comfortable moshing around the sess pit of a greasy gig than I am getting my fashion cap on and making like Donatella Versace.

That doesn’t mean to say that when the invites started to come in for London Fashion Week, I wasn’t extremely excited, it’s not like started doing my own fashion show with what few crazy clothes I’ve got and did a Polaroid diary ala ‘Cher’ from Clueless practising my best Keira pout, stocking up on fluffy notebooks and pens so that when I did attend the shows I’d look every bit the fashionista.

So off I went to my first “fashwan” party the International Fashion Showcase launch. Housed in a disused office space, beautiful creations were etched around the establishment whilst MTV presenter Lilah Parsons got the crowd going with a poptastic DJ set.

Opting for a Chanel ‘esque monochrome effort, I resembled something of a butch harlequin clown, and massively regretted wearing flat shoes, no matter how nice they were.


Top: Zara Trousers: Beyond Retro Shoes: Asos
Top: Zara
Trousers: Beyond Retro
Shoes: Asos


‘The Saturday’s’ Venassa White turned up in a gorgeous House of Holland star splashed, navy dress from his latest resort collection, as a fellow shortie it had me thinking the nipped in waist and structed skirt could be a good choice for future fashion ventures.

Next it was onto Hunger Magazines ‘Mighty Blighty’ issue launch. Held at Rankins very own north London studio, it was the epitome of the word FASHION. Portraits adorned the walls, including his latest Mighty Blighty stars such as Hayley Atwell, Jake Bugg, Jamie Campbell Bower, Ella Eyre and more.

Mighty Blighty Portrait front covers.
Mighty Blighty Portrait front covers.

The drinks flowed, Example and wife Erin sashayed on the dancefloor, Diplo supped drinks moodily in the corner on his own, whilst us mere mortals got the Rankin treatment with a popup studio, making me a cover star for the first (and most likely last) time.

First day of smoozing done, now onto shows, streetstyle and a serious amount of coffee.

Fronting my own Hunger Magazine.
Fronting my own Hunger Magazine.



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