My LFW AW14 Diary – Day 3 & 4

Day three and I’m wondering how on earth anyone can do this twice a year and all the different cities shows, but then today is the day I’m most excited about because today is all about SHOES!!!

I’m somewhat vertically challenged so high heels and me have been besties since I managed to save my pocket-money and buy some platform trainers just like Baby spice and Ginger. IO then progressed to heeled kickers, oh yeah and well now anything that is less the 3inches is a kitten heel as far as I’m concerned.

Sophia Webster, what can I say? The princess of statement shoes? The Queen of quirky heels? The fact that you’ve dedicated a heel in your collected to Sue Pollard is utter genius not to mention that this years presentation had a “Beverly Hills Brats” theme! Just look at these pics below..


Not only was there actually Chihuahua has,there were twins in matching ‘Clueless/Barbie meets The Shining’ outfits, shelves were stacked full of shoes, speech bubble clutch bags AND even gem covered phone covers! That’s it who needs anymore??

Day 4:

Things I’ve learned from LFW so far:
There is such a thing as too much coffee
Fashion people do not like to wait
Fashion people have more demands than Mariah Carey
I really can walk all day in heels
Jackets should never be worn properly…they should be propped on one shoulders like a modern-day super hero cape, see below:

Demonstrating  'The Prop' with the lovely Lilah Parsons
Demonstrating ‘The Prop’ with the lovely Lilah Parsons

Today I’m filming and I’ve decided to try out my loudest outfit yet, putting the fashion pack to the test I wanted to see how they rated my efforts…video soon to come but lets just say the term “low fashion” was pinned to me. Nice.

Highlights from today, Huishan Zhang presentation at The Dorchester. Every dress was long-sleeved (perfect for short stubby arms!) mod inspired and full of beautiful lace, reminding me of the doilies my nan used to put down when having me tea round hers…that’s a good thing btw.


Also were the gorgeous David Koma, sticking to his usual a-line pleated skirts, he’d added a sense of dominance with corset inspired bodices and skin-tight leather pieces. I again had my eyes glued to the models feet, in particular the purple pony skin peep toe shoes the models were adorning, and also wondering if any of them had a biscuit with their tea that morning…more boobs and bums please LFW.

A whistle-stop tour of Caslazur’s new collection added to my ever-expanding wish list, a black silk printed bomber jacket and an ethereal duck egg evening dress being my faves!

And finally that’s my first proper LFW done! phew.

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