The wonder of Kate Bush.

Somehow miraculously last Thursday I received a text that pretty much made my year.

“Mate, my friend has got a spare ticket for Kate Bush tomorrow you still looking for one?”

Hell bloody yes I was and hell bloody yes I got to see her!

I’d read all the reviews and heard all the gossip so far, don’t expect ‘Wuthering Heights’ it’s really weird and its three hours long…blah blah blah.

Taking my position standing at the back of the circle (at 5ft 4 this could’ve ruined the evening before it began but it actually meant I could see everything as the people in front were all sat down! hurrah!)

As the tannoy switched on for what we thought was the start of the show an announcement came blasting out “unfortunately due to a power cut in the venue we currently have a major delay to the scheduled start to this evenings performance. There are engineers on-sight to help us fix the problem as quickly as possible and we hope to be up in running as soon as.”

This led to an hours wait in which I was near tears thinking how could I have got so close??????? Luckily the gig gods were on our side, the lights switched on, the announcer assured us the full show would go ahead and thanks all for waiting.

What then happened could only be described as a first class lesson in how to entertain, evoke, tantalise, entice and astound. Kate’s voice was as strong as ever, her creative imagination and production shone through and carried a set of familiar (and not so familiar) tracks for a full three hours.

Those complaints about not hearing some of her big hits were surely squashed as she delivered a perfectly fine tuned vocal and signature dance moves which haven’t changed since she first grace the stage on early Top of the Pops episodes.

She is a visionary and is the antidote to the modern day female artist, proving you don’t need to writhe around in latex and thongs to entertain and sell records.

Thanks to Vicky’s sister for not being able to make the gig ha ha, without you I’d never have been able to say I saw Kate Bush perform live!

Made up!

A x


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