Shiny Happy Scrambled.

Apologies for the lack of Radio show uploads, unfortunately I was victim to a computer hitch and then last week I was busy rehearsing for a brand new show coming to your screens in the new year.

The show is called ‘Scrambled!’ and after its debut at the beginning of 2014 ITV have commissioned its return and will air from January 10th 2015.

I will be joining the lovely London Hughes, Sam Homewood and Luke Franks on presenting duties and if rehearsals are anything to go by this week its going to be a brilliantly funny and exciting project to be involved in.


For those looking to be involved in the show you can go onto the ‘Scrambled!’ page on the ITV website and send in videos to take part in features such as “Nerds vs Monsters” “So you think Scrambled!’s got the Eggs Factor” and ” RU Funny?”

Follow the link here:

You can catch ‘Scrambled!’ every Saturday and Sunday from January 10th 2015 from 7.30-9.30am on ITV and CITV.

In the meantime I’ll be returning to the airwaves on Hoxton Radio and getting in the Festive spirit awaiting the arrival of the big man Santa Claus!

Listen back to my Hoxton Radio show here:

Luv ‘n’ Peas

Arielle x x x




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