Top Albums of 2014 – Bombay Bicycle Club, So Long, See you Tomorrow.

Bombay Bicycle Club are one of those bands that could before 2014 be described as consistent. Their debut album ” I had the Blues but Shook them Loose” saw them create a folk inspired indie album which gained credibility in the muso world, maybe not quite reaching the masses of commercial radio but certainly gave them a higher bill on the festival and gig circuits. This is not to say the album wasn’t incredible, it was fantastic and considering this band were mere teenagers at the time a huge achievement.
It just seemed at the time their peers such as ‘Bloc Party,’ ‘Maccabees’ et all were slightly further ahead.
This however changed when they created ‘Flaws’ a stunning musical masterpiece of haunting vocals and layered musicianship.
Now ten years on and four albums since they started here they are releasing one of their biggest achievements to date, ‘So long, See you Tomorrow.’ A psychedelic multi-faceted album thats a whirl wind of worldly views and self discovery. Its easy to see how lead vocalist Jack Steadman’s travels have literally inspired the sounds on bollywood tinged ‘Feel’ and impossibly jerky ‘Carry Me’ has notes from a traditional Turkish dance. Theres a new found love for electronica and synth driven beats, and these clever clogs only went and produced it themselves!
To say ‘So long, See you tomorrow’ is a coming of age album would be a disservice, its the record where Bombay can finally say they found their sound. The one that fits perfectly with the haunting vocals, the staggering drums and layered beats.
That may explain why it gave the band their first number one album and the reason why now they’re headlining festivals and were the last ever band to play Earls Court last week.

Check them out here, and download the album whilst you’re at it:

Only two left, can’t decide which one I love more so it’ll just be a list of five equally amazing releases this year.

luv n peas

a x

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