Jamie T vs Royal Blood

This post should technically have gone up in 2014 alongside with my other top picks however amongst the December madness I battled with the huge decision of who and what should be my top album for 2014.

I have now accepted defeat and decided there is no way Jamie T’s ‘Carry on the Grudge’ or Royal Blood’s self titled debut could not both equally come out top trumps.

This may seem like a cop out, two completely different albums two completely different artists.
‘Carry on the Grudge’ would be the third effort from the “Landan” poster boy Jamie T, and after a four year silence he offers a heartbreaking stripped back honesty, coupled with his magnificent poetic narrative and fine tuned observational skills. Gone however is the sheer frustration with life dealt with angry put downs and insults, replaced with an acceptance, a sorrow, but fiercely punctuated by Jamie’s genius lyricism.

Royal Blood come full throttle with 10 punch you in the face tracks that leave no objection to head banging and losing your shit too. Top track for me would be ‘Figure it Out’ which surprisingly was the first ever track they wrote for the album…it very nearly didn’t make the cut. Other highlights would be the wickedly devilish ‘Ten Ton Skeleton’ and ‘Little Monster,’ which somehow manages to make grunge sexy.


I was fortunate enough to catch Jamie T at Ally Pally in December was probably my gig of 2014. Gone was the shifty street kid replaced with a confident swagging rock star. He was bloody brilliant! The audience were completely raptured and united screaming his anthem tracks back at him in perfect syncrasy. It gives me goosebumps just thinking of his acoustic rendition of ‘Back in the Game.’

However I didn’t get the fortune of witnessing Ryal Blood live which as head to a lot of huffs and tantrums at the world of trying to grab tickets when released. Im hoping 2015 means I’ll get to see them at many a festival and gig and if not, ill just have to figure out how to get them on my radio show on Hoxton Radio!

I do have to mention the other albums which were amazing in 2014 and didn’t make my list purely because of favouritism. Paolo Nuitni’s soul fuelled love in ‘Caustic Love,’ FKA Twigs game changing ‘LP1,’ Azalea Banks finally release her debut album which she had to self release after however many years of waiting ‘Broke with Expensive Taste.’
Brit boys far too talented George Ezra’s ‘Wanted on Voyage,’ James Vicent McMorrow’s ‘Post Tropical’ Warpaint’s second album efforts with ‘Warpaint’ and finally Sam Smiths’ ‘In the Lonely Hour’ which has kept me company on many a journey and also is incredible to see performed live.

Coming soon I’ll be listing my top artist to watch in 2015. I’ll also be compiling their tracks for this weeks radio show which is all about Hot in 2015!!! Bands, artists, tracks and anything thats fresh and exciting and got me dancing in my radio throne will be getting some airplay.

Be sure to tune in Thursday 4-6pm.

luv ‘n’ peas

Arielle x x

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