Coachella – Four Acts that Need to be Seen.

All forms of social media will be banned this weekend. Meditation, yoga, ocean whale soundtracks and acupuncture and any other form of ‘zen’ measures have been taken to try control the inner green-eyed monster that has been dying to escape. Why? It’s that time of the year where the worlds best bands and artists entertain a mass audience of tanned bodies in ‘boho’ fringe and floral headbands, somewhere in the middle of the Nevada desert…yup its time for Coachella.

The most talked about festival is opening this weekend, the first of two installments and those going are guaranteed to have the time of their lives.

We all know that Drake’s headline set will be incredible, Jack White’s will astound and Florence’s return to the live stage will be the set to see, but this list will be the acts you may not know so well, or have heard good things about but you’re not too sure if you’d put down your ice chilled corona for, these are the acts that will be headlining in five years time from now. Trust me.

(GOBI Stage – Sat 9.25-10.35)


FKA Twigs is the sort of artist who relishes performing live bringing her knowledge and history of dance and performance to her productions, creating a world of pure escapism and futuristic awe. Her most recent sold out gigs at the Roundhouse were met with critical acclaim for their immersive and sensual elements, which only highlighted her musical vision. Expect the set to be a patchwork delight of choreography, acrobatics, digital sic-fi lighting and a lot of tracks that will have been remixed, reworked and refined. This one is for those looking for the outer body experience performance.

(COACHELLA Stage – Fri 9.15-10.05)


This psychedelic Aussie outfit couldn’t be more suited to play as the sun sets over desert landscape. They’ve just released two new singles online ‘Cause I”m a Man’ and ‘Let it Happen’ from their impending album ‘Currents’ soon to be released this year. Having caught them at Glastonbury in 2013 they won me over with their hypnotic electro guitar symphony’s. Think 70’s acid trip euphoria and a crowd all swaying in united love and peace man.

(GOBI Stage – Sun 1.25-2.05)

Angel Olsen

Angel Olsen is the perfect melting pot of sixties soul diva, new indie and ghostly ethereal folk. Described as a modern-day “Dusty Springfield” it was track ‘Hi – Five’ that brought the Missouri born singer to my attention. The early Sunday slot will be perfect for those looking for a welcome respite from all the partying, easing you gently back into the last day of musical festivities. A fresh take on the generic girl and acoustic guitar combo, Angel can be relied on to deliver a lust inducing vibe. One for the lovers.

(MOJAVI Stage – Sat 6.55-7.45)


Ok so these guys are not exactly new to the scene in fact they’ve probably got more records, hits and notches on their production bedpost than the whole of Coachella put together. However this collaboration between Micheal “Killer Mike” Render and Jaime “El-P” Meline is somewhat of an underground effort and one which sizzles with such furore the tent is sure to be packed out when they take to the Mojavi stage. Expect a no holds barred set full of banging bass lines, ferocious lyrics and demolition scale energy. This one is guaranteed to have you moshing your little hip hop skulls to.

Of course there are many other acts to see over the weekend but at least now you can’t hold it against me for not warning you!

If you are going to Coachella HAVE A FAB TIME (said through gritted teeth). If like me you won’t be then let’s find a beach, i’ll bring the boombox and we can just use our imaginations and the sunshine we are all being blessed with.

Luv ‘n’ peas


x x x

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