I don’t know about anyone else but February year on year is the weirdest month, there must be something that happens in the lunar system right? Luckily throughout the extra long February and through all the madness these were the tracks that kept me bouncing.

From Public Access TV who are fast becoming my favourite scuzzy new wave guitar group (Strokes fans eat your heart out) to the queen Rihanna who is the sole reason I no longer walk down the street but Dutty Wine – ‘Work’ – what a banger! You can imagine I lost my s*** when she turned up onstage at the Brits with Drake in tow.

The Kills announced their return with an awesome new single ‘Doing it to death’ which you can find at the end of the playlist and shout out to Netsky’s ‘Work it Out’ for being the  song that has catapulted me through too many spinning sessions at Psycle. I’m desperate to add the Shy Fx remix of Protoje’s ‘Who Knows’ but it’s not available on Spotify just yet,  you’ll just have to google it yourself!

As always it is a mixed bag of genres, acts and artists involved and I’m already planning my routes around the festival stages to catch them all in action.

Feel free to hit me with your favourite news bands that you think I’d appreciate.

luv ‘n’ peas

Arielle x

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